Course Details

This course provides you with a user-friendly, structured, comprehensive way of thinking about your firm and your clients so you can:

  • Identify the key issues you need to think about to manage, structure, market and grow your firm profitably.
  • Home in on management and marketing issues which need attention.
  • Spot the barriers to getting things done in your firm specifically, and how to overcome them.

It helps you by building up a ‘big picture’ of your firm, starting with your clients and working out from there, which highlights the strategic, management and marketing issues you face and what to do about them.

During this session David Impey covers the following topics:

  • Strategic options for law firms
  • Targeting the right client groups
  • Key decisions you need to get right to show clients you are better than the competition
  • Dealing with different client groups who want different things from you
  • Dealing with external changes
  • Putting your plans into action – internal barriers and how to overcome them
  • Planning or winging it and the options in between – working out which approach to strategic/marketing planning will best suit your firm

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CPD Course Speaker

Company Law Solicitor

David Impey

David Impey is a company law solicitor, professional services marketer, writer, and lecturer. His specialities include company law, professional services marketing, strategic planning and implementation, and interactive e-marketing.

As well as specialising in company law, David also works with law firms and other law businesses, helping them with strategy, and marketing, and majoring particularly on overcoming barriers to implementation of strategic and marketing plans and tactics

From 2008 to 2014, he led and worked on a major project for the UK Intellectual Property Office, through Atom Content Marketing (formerly BHP), building and developing an online IP HealthCheck resource that helps small and medium-sized businesses to identify, protect and commercially exploit their intellectual property.

He also worked in-house for 14 fun and profitable years for leading services provider Jordans, becoming Marketing Director responsible for developing, managing and marketing its service and product range. Particularly, he led significant projects to commoditise UK and overseas ‘factory’ professional services and promote them into the UK and other legal markets.

David lectures in the UK and overseas on both UK company law and professional services firm strategy and marketing.