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The world of crypto is spinning quickly, with new additions being thrown into the mix daily, which often means that those starting out in the space can feel overwhelmed, lost and a little uneasy on what steps they need to take.

For you to step in with confidence this webinar will cover all the basics so that you feel ready to take the leap and know the difference between a bitcoin and an NFT.

In this session, Joe David will cover:

  • What cryptocurrency really is
  • How cryptocurrency works
  • What blockchain tech is and why it’s important
  • Resources and tools to help you improve your knowledge
  • The basics when navigating your first crypto client

CPD Course Speaker


Joe David

Meet Joe David, specialised crypto accountant & Founder of Nephos UK & leading UK crypto accounting firm Myna. Having launched his businesses with success, Joe believes there is no limit to people's potential and is on a mission to instil in all his clients that they are free to live a life that they enjoy whilst gaining financial success and business growth, especially when it comes to crypto.

Traditional is out of the window and Joe is leading both market and industry in the fight to understand crypto on a cellular level.