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Many people will have heard the term private equity, but not so many understand what it actually means when equity investment is taken on by a business. What are the implications for sellers, management teams and the business itself? What are private equity investors looking to achieve from their investment? What types of private equity investor are there and how do their deals actually work?

By purchasing the session, you will have a better understanding of what private equity means and when a company might consider taking equity investment, so you can spot when your clients (or your own business) might be ready to explore this route to accelerated growth and a business exit.


Harry Walker covers the following topics during this session:

•          What is private equity?

  1. A brief overview of terminology and high level concepts of private equity investing

•          What do private equity investors look for in an investment?

  1. What types of business are attractive to private equity and what features do they typically have? 
  2. What goals do private equity investors have?

•          What different types of private equity providers are there?

  1. An overview of different situations where private equity can be involved

•          How are private equity deals structured?

  1. A high level look at the way equity investments are usually structured and how this drives returns for investors and management

•          How does a sale to private equity work?

  1. An overview of a private equity investment process from the perspective of selling shareholders and management
  2. How involved are the investors in managing the company post-investment and what changes do they typically make?

CPD Course Speaker

FRP Advisory

Harry Walker

Having trained at a national mid-market accountancy practice, Harry joined FRP in 2018 to establish its Corporate Finance team in the East Midlands.

He specialises in advising mid-market businesses and their owners on strategic transactions, including sales, acquisitions and equity and debt fundraising for growth, as well as working with private equity houses as clients and providers of finance.

Harry has a broad range of deal size and sector experience, including aerospace and precision engineering, building products and tools, food and beverage, and consumer products, with deal sizes ranging from £5 million to £125 million.

His team is known for a pragmatic and personable approach to dealmaking and they have been nominated for and won several regional corporate finance awards over the years. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his young family and travelling to foodie destinations.