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Pre-covid, the demographics of the business world were showing an ever-increasing slant towards older business owners, who often continued to run their companies far past the usual age of retirement.  

Cue a global pandemic, Brexit and a war bringing an energy and supply crisis and there have been one too many challenges for many business owners who have now decided that the enjoyment of running their company has passed and they’ve had enough of the fight.  

Many then approach their accountants for advice, usually without any idea about how to achieve an exit.  Even if this is only one of two of your clients, it can make for a fairly uncomfortable conversation if you don’t have processes, templates and working methods to roll out immediately, leaving you possibly floundering relying on your other technical skills to support as best as you can.  

In this course, Kirsty McGregor will help you create some of those processes, share with you the options your client has and how to set them off on the right path to a successful exit.  She also explains where you can assist or where you’d be better placed to refer them to a specialist in corporate finance. 

The following topics are covered during this session:

  • Possible exit routes for business owners
  • The process of finding a buyer and negotiating a deal – what regulations do we have to consider?
  • How much is the business really worth?
  • How to make a real difference - increasing the value of the business and the options available to the owner
  • A word about MBOs, MBIs, BIMBOs and MEBOs

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The Corporate Finance Network

Kirsty McGregor

Kirsty McGregor is founder and Chairman of The Corporate Finance Network, a group of independent regional accountancy firms. As an experienced SME Corporate Financier, she now shares her knowledge and practical resources with accountants who aim to assist owner-managed businesses to grow profitable businesses and ultimately to exit.

As Accountant-in-Residence at she relishes sharing with firms how they can support clients to access sufficient working capital for growth and resilience.

She is also a speaker, professional trainer and is regularly called upon to provide commentary on SME issues to the press and media and was awarded the Accounting International Bulletin’s “Personality of the Year” in 2021.