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In this course, Colm Owens considers the some of the issues that come up on monitoring visits in relation to non-audit files, client monies & AML. This will be of interest to accountants who are expecting a monitoring visit in the near future which may include a non-audit element (or be a non-audit monitoring visit in itself) and to all accountants for on-going compliance and best practice. Monitoring visits can be stressful events, so being well-prepared can make them go much smoother and help to ensure they go well. 


The following topics are covered:


  • Audit-exempt files – the requirements
  • Audit-exempt financial statements
  • Client Monies; 
  • Anti-Money Laundering;

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CPD Course Speaker

Practice Support Executive, OmniPro

Colm Owens

As a member of our Practice Support team, Colm’s focus is on helping practices achieve on-going best practice compliance, prepare for monitoring visits and assist with post-monitoring visits follow-ups.

Having spent the 6 years prior to joining OmniPro as a quality reviewer with Chartered Accountants Ireland Colm has a unique insight into how firms operate, the challenges facing firms and how firms are responding to current issues facing them and the profession.