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In this powerful, impactful session - Nick Elston explores his alternate journey through mental illness, mental health & money - highlighting the conditioning impact of wealth, the beliefs that are formed around money & it’s impact on our personal & professional lives today.  This will also give you the tools you need to have better colleague & client conversations around mental health & adversity.

The following topics are covered during this course:

  • How our personal journey impacts our experience of life & business.
  • The ‘bi-products’ of money troubles - addiction, abuse, toxicity & choices.
  • Why we do what we do - a deep dive into conditioning *& becoming a product of our environment.
  • Better conversations around Mental Health - a playbook tool to help you to thrive in conversations.
  • Marginal gains - a mindset technique to navigate any challenge or aspiration.

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Nick Elston

Nick Elston

Nick Elston is one of the highest-profile and leading Inspirational Speakers on the Lived Experience of Mental Health.

In life, we can either let our adversities, our challenges, define us negatively for the rest of our lives…or…we can choose for it to forge something beautiful, something powerful – something that never would have existed without you going through your ‘stuff’ in the first place.

Described as a ‘BIG man, BIG heart, BIG story & BRUTAL honesty!’, ‘Utterly inspirational, absolutely engaging!’ and ’10/10 – a Speaking Masterclass!’ – Nick shares his experiences of Mental Illness, Mental Ill-Health & Breakdown worldwide – through his powerful, inspiring, engaging & emotional talks.

Most importantly, Nick shares his ‘Lived Experience’ through insights, tools, tips and techniques on how to manage Anxiety in Life, in Business – to implement immediately.