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If one was to judge by rampant stock markets, economic growth prospects have never been rosier. But, beneath the bonnet of the global economy, signs of slowdown are gathering. What’s really likely to happen over the next 12 months?  


Cormac Lucey will cover the following topics during this webinar:

• Current official forecasts for the Irish economy

• Prospects for the US economy

• The outlook for the UK economy

• What’s happening in the rest of the world

• What’s really likely for the Irish economy

• Financial market implications


By attending this session participants will be able to understand what’s going on in the international economy and how that is likely to influence the Irish economy over the next 12 months.  


The session is aimed at everyone who must tailor the size of their business to meet the needs of the market, as determined by general levels of economic activity, especially business owners and professionals advising them.


This course assumes no prior economic expertise and is aimed at a general audience but will offer participants advanced insights.   

CPD Course Speaker

Finance Lecturer & Economics Columnist

Cormac Lucey

Cormac Lucey teaches finance, at post-graduate level, at the IMI, UCD, TCD and Chartered Accountants Ireland.

He is also a commentator on economic and current affairs both on broadcast media and through his weekly columns with The Sunday Times (Irish edition) and The Times (Ireland).

And he is chairman of the Hibernia Forum, an independent think-tank which promotes the free market, individual liberty and responsible and prudent government.

He served as a special adviser to Michael McDowell when he was Tánaiste (Irish deputy prime minister) between 2002 and 2007. Cormac previously worked both in industry and in corporate finance in both Ireland and Germany.