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Paul Newton has become the number 1 voice making cyber security easy to understand for everyone in accountancy, he has spoken at Accountex North and Accountex London to an amazing response. If our accountants in the world cannot safeguard themselves against people like Paul, then what could happen if a good hacker gets into their systems?

In this session Paul covers the following:

  • What is social engineering?
  • Examples of how social engineering has been used to break into companies
  • Can a mind reader steal your passwords?
  • How can someone who doesn't understand cyber security protect themselves from more than 98% of attacks?
  • A bit of magic to make it more enjoyable!

CPD Course Speaker


Paul Newton

With over 30 years experience as an entertainer, and over 20 years working in business, Paul has a unique skill to talk about tough subjects in a way that engages people.

Turning into his skills as a magician into a figurehead for cyber security, he spreads awareness through public speaking, his own podcast Newton’s Nuggets, and as a guest on a wide number of events and shows.

A unique blend of magic, public speaking and a serious message, Paul Newton has become known globally as a true personality.