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This course focuses on what an inspector looks for if your firm is selected for an AML inspection.  The do's and don'ts, what the inspector is looking for and the questions they are asked.    Mike discusses the actions you can take now to reduce the uncertainty and give you increased confidence in your firm's AML culture.

Mike Jardine covers the following points during this session:

  • Why me?
  • What to do when you get the call?
  • The compliance culture
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Case study - Consequences of getting it wrong

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Calathea Solutions Ltd

Mike Jardine

Mike has spent the last 40+ years investigating serious organised crime both nationally and internationally working with both UK and International law enforcement agencies.

After retiring from law enforcement Mike worked as a consultant for one of the top UK banks on their AML remediation project. He then worked for another top UK Bank where he was Deputy Head and instrumental in the establishment of the Global Insider Threat investigation team investigating, Insider Threats, Employee Misconduct and Bribery and Corruption

In 2018 Mike became an AML Inspector with one of the Accountancy Sector Professional Body Supervisors and as such is aware of the inspection process, what constitutes a compliant and non-compliant inspection and any ramifications. In November 2020 he became the Deputy Director and Deputy MLRO of the body’s AML Compliance team and later became the Director of Compliance and MLRO, heading the team of intelligence researchers and inspectors.

In January 2023 together with his business partner he set up Calathea Solutions to help the accountancy sector navigate the AML legislation and amongst other services, the company provides training and audits to ensure a compliance culture within firms.