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Have you ever had an employee complain about something? 

Did you realise this might be a “grievance”?

How did you handle it - did you follow a formal grievance process?

How did it turn out – everyone happy?

Is there anything you would have done differently?

Did you get a tribunal claim?

If these questions fill you with dread or confusion or you have never heard of a “grievance process”, or it went badly wrong in the past, then this webinar is for you!


Emma-Jane Taylor-Moran will cover the following topics during this session:

  • What to do when you receive a complaint
  • How to handle the process fairly and legally
  • What you can do to resolve the situation
  • Things to consider with an appeal


By attending this session: 

  • You will find out what is involved in running a formal grievance process 
  • You will discover the 10 most important steps you must take
  • You will learn tips for making it run smoothly
  • You will reduce your risk of tribunal claims, and strengthen your position if they do happen


This webinar is aimed at managers, people with HR responsibilities, business owners and directors.


Course Level: Need to Know

CPD Course Speaker

Rebel Law Ltd

Emma-Jane Taylor-Moran

Emma-Jane Taylor-Moran brings a fresh perspective to employment law and client oriented working. She is straight-talking, pragmatic and believes in promoting the human side of business.

She has worked in several different types of legal services providers from a Law Centre, to the High Street to the City, including as an equity partner and then a self-employed Consultant before setting up her own law firm in 2021, Rebel Law.

She set up her own firm to bring something different to the legal services market - a law firm that prioritises clients over profits, that champions equality, fairness and justice, and which really listens to what clients need.

Emma-Jane advises SMEs, startups, charities and other businesses from recruitment to termination and everything inbetween. She is a specialist employment lawyer experienced in many different sectors, spending time to understand your business, so she can provide the best service.