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Accountants in practice should join this upcoming webinar on changes to the R&D tax relief schemes because it provides a valuable opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in this area. For accountants, attending this course is crucial as it allows you to understand the changes in legislation and regulations surrounding R&D tax relief. This topic is important because the R&D tax relief schemes have undergone significant changes in recent years, with updates to eligibility criteria, claim processes, and potential tax benefits. 

This course is specifically designed for accountants who want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in R&D tax relief. The importance of this topic cannot be overstated, as the R&D tax relief schemes have undergone significant changes in recent years. These changes have created a complex landscape that accountants need to navigate in order to maximize the benefits for their clients. By attending this course, accountants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the updated rules and regulations surrounding R&D tax relief, enabling them to provide accurate and informed advice to their clients. This knowledge will not only enhance the value of their practice but also help them deliver better outcomes for their clients by ensuring they fully capitalize on the available tax incentives. 


In this course Simon Briton  covers the following topics;


  • Overview of R&D tax relief schemes: This will explain the two main schemes available - R&D tax credits for Small/Medium Enterprise (SME) relief and R&D expenditure credits (RDEC). We will highlight the key differences between the two schemes, such as eligibility criteria and the level of relief provided. We will also cover the proposed change to 'RDEC for all' and what this means for SMEs.


  • Recent changes to the schemes: We will discuss recent updates and changes to the R&D tax relief schemes. These include changes to the legislation, eligibility criteria, and the amount of relief available.



  • Notifiable state aid: The SME scheme is a notifiable state aid and the session will highlight the implications of this. We will discuss the potential consequences of breaching these rules.


  • Assessing eligibility: We will provide guidance on how you can assess your clients' eligibility for R&D tax relief. This will include discussing the SME Flowchart Guide to R&D tax credits, which helps you determine if your clients' projects qualify for relief.



  • Maximizing R&D tax relief: we will offer tips and strategies for maximizing R&D tax relief claims. This will include advice on record-keeping, identifying eligible projects and expenditures, and ensuring compliance with the relevant guidelines and documentation requirements.

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Simon Briton

Simon has 20 years' experience working with innovative companies and their advisers on R&D tax relief claims and the other tax incentives that support business growth.

As a tax-qualified lawyer, Simon handles R&D tax enquiries from a wide range of sources and has much more experience than most advisers in this space.