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According to Harvard, Public Speaking is a greater fear than death.  But, your ability to deliver any message with clarity, power & emotion will have an ultimately defining impact on your success, by your own definition of that word!  Speaking is life, speaking is business, speaking is education, speaking is leadership, speaking is to influence - Nick will share his methodology developed from his flagship ‘Find Your Voice - LIVE!’ event which has positive impacted thousands of people.


Nick will take us on a deep dive on all that he has learned through his journey from adversity to excitement, from mental illness to a professional speaker - taking in confidence & resilience tools/tips/hacks, anxiety harnessing techniques, overcoming imposter syndrome & avoiding procrastination - this will be a hugely powerful & fast paced session! 


Nick Elston  covers the following topics during this session:

- Enhance your awareness of public speaking.

- Learn techniques on how to boost confidence, harness anxiety & build self-esteem.

- Discover how to create & deliver impactful messages by using ‘Emotional Storytelling’.

- Find out how to use vulnerability & authenticity for Emotional Leadership.

- Learn how to tackle procrastination, imposter syndrome & F.E.A.R.!


CPD Course Speaker

Forging People

Nick Elston.

Nick Elston is one of the highest-profile and leading Inspirational Speakers on the Lived Experience of Mental Health.

In life, we can either let our adversities, our challenges, define us negatively for the rest of our lives…or…we can choose for it to forge something beautiful, something powerful – something that never would have existed without you going through your ‘stuff’ in the first place.

Described as a ‘BIG man, BIG heart, BIG story & BRUTAL honesty!’, ‘Utterly inspirational, absolutely engaging!’ and ’10/10 – a Speaking Masterclass!’ – Nick shares his experiences of Mental Illness, Mental Ill-Health & Breakdown worldwide – through his powerful, inspiring, engaging & emotional talks.

Most importantly, Nick shares his ‘Lived Experience’ through insights, tools, tips and techniques on how to manage Anxiety in Life, in Business – to implement immediately.