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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is the term used to define issues that are usually associated with sustainability or corporate responsibility, with focused on environmental and wider societal impact, and monitors three “pillars” of sustainability and responsibility of a business outside of financial performance:

• Environmental

• Social

• Governance

Cyber security is an Environmental, Social and Governance issue – which is why it is such an important element of ESG.

With businesses now expected to report on a wide range of factors outside of their financial performance (such as ESG) accountancy firms are well placed to diversify and evolve. With key skillsets based in analysis, reporting and independent advice, accountants are the key business advisors for assist businesses in their sustainable development. A proactive ESG focus is key to future-proofing any accountancy practice.

For accountants of all sizes, the demand to evidence a commitment to on ESG continues to intensify as practices are increasingly asked to disclose more about their ESG performance and future strategies. 

In this course Rich Jackson covers:

• Review ESG in plain-English

• Understand why ESG is so important to accountancy practices

• Take a deep-dive into the ESG-Cyber Security relationship

• Consider why both ESG and Cyber Security are independently and collectively key to all accountants

• Discover how we can generate a strong cyber security and data privacy ESG score

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Moore ClearComm

Richard Jackson

Through his expertise in Business Development & Project/Account Management with specialisms in Health & Social Care and Accountancy, Richard is dedicated to helping all organisations and the people who work within them, to understand and embrace the power they hold - in keeping data secure (and the cyber criminals away!).

Richard's responsibilities include delivery of bespoke webinars and training in respect of cyber security, GDPR compliance, and NHS DSPT awareness.

At his current role as a Cyber Security & Data Protection Specialist for Accountancy and Health & Social Care at Moore ClearComm, he is responsible for delivering cutting edge compliance solutions for health technology providers, globally and is working directly with NHS CCG`s and AHSN`s across England, to support care homes with the NHS DSPT.