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Accountancy, bookkeeping and payroll are typically one of the first aspects of running a business that an owner will outsource. As a trusted partner who’s been with them from the start, owners will often then look to their accountant for guidance on people issues when they crop up, either for an answer or a recommendation to someone who can help. 

I can’t advise on tax or forecasting, and most of the accountants I know don’t really want to advise on HR – however, in that trusted role, it’s helpful to have an understanding of some of the common questions, issues and misconceptions that come up within SMEs. This quiz should test your knowledge and help you bring your employment law knowledge up to date, and in doing so improve the service you can offer for your clients.  


By exploring common misconceptions about HR and employment law Kathryn Rodgers covers:


  • The impact that length of service has upon statutory rights
  • How to avoid discrimination when growing or restructuring
  • The value of good employment documentation
  • When a formal disciplinary process is required, and
  • How to manage annual leave entitlements for part-time and variable hours employees

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Kathryn Rodgers

21 years’ generalist HR experience including 7 years’ international experience and 5 years in consultancy. Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and Development Chartered Member of the CIPD Civil Mediation Council accredited qualification in Workplace Mediation