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A mixture of the COVID pandemic, Brexit and the cost-of-living crisis has resulted in SMEs struggling to recruit and retain staff, with the market becoming highly competitive.  Smaller companies are unable to compete with the salaries offered by the larger businesses, and are therefore missing out in the talent shortage faced by many industries.    

This two-part series looks at ways that SMEs can attract and retain employees without having to offer high salaries, and the tax implications of each option.  These strategies can be both short-term and long-term to get the best possible package for the employee. 

Makayla Combes covers the following topics during this 2-part series:

  • Employee benefits
  • Company cars
  • Flexible working
  • EMI shares and Growth Shares
  • Employee ownership

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Ad Valorem Accountancy Services Limited

Makayla Combes

Makayla heads up the Tax and Business Consultancy team at Ad Valorem, providing expert advice in a number of areas including:

- Property tax reliefs,
- Mergers and acquisitions,
- HMRC enquiries,
- Employee incentivisation, and
- Business growth and obtaining investment

Outside of this role, Makayla also sits on the New Tax Professionals committee at CIOT and ATT and is the UK representative for the European CFE New Tax Professionals Committee.