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Brand differentiation is one of the most poorly understood pillars of professional services marketing. 

A surprising number of marketeers believe that it’s simply not possible to differentiate firms that offer similar services to similar clients. In fact, this way of looking at the marketplace is the very reason that differentiating your firm is essential. 

Differentiation is not about being different for sake of being different. It’s about helping your audience make smarter, easier, more confident buying decisions. 

In this session, Jo Edwards has covered the following:

  • Differentiation Strategies and advantages
  • The test of a successful differentiator
  • 21 ways to differentiate your firms’ brand
  • Examples of successful differentiation in the accountancy sector
  • A better approach 

Firms attending will be able to consider whether their differentiators are strong enough to stand alone or whether it makes sense to combine some of them to concentrate their impact. 

They will be able to evaluate possible differentiators, consider the pros and cons, what kind of firm they want to be, and where opportunity and true distinction lie. Then select their differentiators accordingly.

CPD Course Speaker

JE Consulting

Jo Edwards

Jo Edwards is the principal of JE Consulting, who specialise in providing marketing assistance to accountancy and legal firms.

Jo has over 30 years practical marketing experience working with a wide range of firms across the UK, both large and small and has a particular specialism in preparing and delivering internet and social media strategies to clients.

Jo and her team’s "hands on" approach to marketing has helped many firms across the country, to generate new clients and develop profitable cross-selling services to existing clients through innovative e-marketing programmes.