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Businesses have had a turbulent time over the last 5 years with one thing and another.   Covid, War, supply chain issues, energy crisis, cost of living to name a few, and now a new Banking crisis, blockchain, CDBC and Crypto unfolding before our eyes.  What will be the outcome of this in the future for us all?

Afterall, if your clients have been on the receiving end of all these problems, and are struggling to make ends meet, seeing their business decline, what are you able to do to help?  If there is not enough cash, you are looking at a client’s slow demise, and loss of employment for those working in that business as well as a loss of a client for your practice.  Multiply this as the numbers of insolvency increases and the impact on the economy would be detrimental to our society as a whole, not to mention the loss to your practice.

So, how can credit management specialists and accountants possibly help those businesses/clients through this chaos?  Easy, by collaborating towards the same goals.  The Survival, stability, and growth of those businesses.

This course looks at proactive solutions you, and your practice can deliver to your clients, as well as all the benefits of partnering and collaborating with credit management specialists for your own practice as well as your customers and their business.

In this course Tracey covers  the following topics;

  • What is your understanding to what Credit Management entails?
  • What are the differences between what an accountant undertakes to a credit management specialist?
  • What are accountants and credit management specialists’ goals to make their clients a success?
  • How can we work together, and why should we?
  • Can we please be friends?

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Tracey Westell

Tracey has been in credit management for over 29 years, and during this period has gained a wealth of experience in many industry sectors, including blue-chip, public, and private sectors.

Continually endeavouring to assist businesses in implementing strong credit management processes along with training credit staff in the art of credit managements and debt recovery, Tracey has a proven track record of improving the cash flow and profits of businesses.

Having won many business awards, as well as being awarded the CICM Fellowship in 2019 and the Meritorious Service Medal in 2020 meant Tracey is recognised by her peers for her outstanding contribution to credit management.

A keen and passionate advocate of credit management, Tracey shares her passion for helping businesses, through a variety of informative talks and workshops on risk assessment, credit control and debt recovery.

Tracey is also an active member and Vice-Chair of the Kent Branch of the CICM, Area Leader for FSB, Board Member of BITA , Vice Chair of The Doyle Club as well as recently Board Member for TES Ireland.