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Successful firms are built on the foundation of the vision of its founders.  The way to make that vision come to life is through effective marketing activity.  This all starts with the development of a marketing plan built on a framework of outcomes that when achieved are the driving factors for growth.  Any accountant in practice with ambition for success needs to come along to this event and see an exciting way to embed a plan in very little time yet with the scope to drive increased fees.  This also offers a solid commercial approach which is hugely supportive to a way of working with clients and focuses the mind on adding value throughout the delivery of services to clients.  Given this is a process all around connectivity and continuity it presents the sustainable way to plan and grow.

During this session Margaret Bradshaw covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to a way of looking at marketing to maximise ideas, solve challenges and be seen as the success process of the firm
  • Why a framework is essential to firms seeking a sustainable way to grow
  • Presentation of the framework required for success
  • Connectivity, impact, dealing with challenges, task management
  • Commercial outcomes

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Red Button Marketing & Training

Margaret Bradshaw

Margaret began her career in hospitality management and operated in a number of hotels around the South of England before moving to the North East in her early 20’s. From there she moved into the field of recruitment where she worked with Manpower for 3 years covering a range of disciplines. A change of environment when Margaret took a post with a radio station selling advertising before a move into professional services where she spent 20 years as the marketing manager with a leading regional firm. Starting this role in 1998 was at a time when marketing in accounting firms was quite new and it presented a wonderful range of challenges and opportunities. Margaret developed the role, established & supported commercial relationships, introduced processes and made the department a key selling aspect of the firm by introducing a telemarketing function.

The department grew and this cascaded throughout the firm. An exciting marketing led culture was established and results were achieved through communication internally, service focus and putting in systems to track activity and outcomes.

Throughout her career, Margaret has been involved in relationship building, the development of processes, the joining of people and opportunities as well as passionately bringing a sense of focus towards customer service and the associated rewards.

In 2017, the button was born! Margaret set up her own business with a focus on marketing planning. The vision was to highlight the role of a marketing plan in a business so that business owners could access the very process required to make a difference. Now with an accredited training programme and award winning technology solution, Margaret and her team are striving forward and reaching out to new markets. On a personal note, Margaret enjoys music where she is a singer with a local band, loves time with her children, walking around North Yorkshire as well as a good chat over a cuppa with friends.