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In the dynamic world of accountancy, your personal brand is a lighthouse, guiding top talents towards you.

 It’s not just about creating the right workspace; it's about embodying values, leading by example, and showing potential recruits and current team members what it truly means to be a part of your vision. 

Dive into the nuances of how your authentic personal brand can be the catalyst for crafting a high-performance environment that doesn't just retain, but magnetically attracts the crème de la crème of accounting talent.

Unlock Top Talent: Harness your personal brand to magnetise the best in the industry, making your practice the sought-after place to be.

Elevate Team Dynamics: Discover how your unique brand can foster a vibrant and committed environment, driving productivity and collaboration.

Set Industry Standards: Position your practice not just as a leader in numbers, but as a benchmark in culture and excellence. Your brand can make that difference.

Alexandra Bond-Burnett covers the following topics during this session:

  • The Power of Personal Branding: Understanding its influence on team dynamics and how it elevates your practice's reputation in the accounting world.
  • Attracting Elite Talent: Proven strategies for leveraging your brand to draw in the industry’s best and brightest.
  • Culture Crafting: How your personal brand can shape an enviable workplace environment, ensuring both satisfaction and peak productivity.
  • Branding Beyond Borders: Expanding your influence to set new industry benchmarks, making your practice synonymous with excellence.
  • Sustained Success: Continuous brand refinement to meet changing industry demands and ensure long-term talent retention and attraction.

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Ambition Impact

Alexandra Bond-Burnett

Meet Alexandra Bond Burnett, a powerhouse in personal branding with roots firmly planted in the world of finance and tech.

From kick starting her career in originations like GE and Imperial College, to launching her founder journey in accounting, to now leading Ambition: Impact, she's been on quite the adventure.

This Personal Branding Agency isn’t just about creating shiny profiles; it's about helping professionals, especially those in accounting, tech, and finance, be their genuine selves. It's about shouting out expertise without losing that essential human touch.

Alexandra has her accreditation with the International Coach Federation (ICF), but it's her innate ability to blend the number-crunching world with the nuanced landscape of human behaviour that sets her apart.

Imagine bringing a dash of heart and soul into those commercial boardrooms – that's the magic she's aiming for.

When she's not guiding professionals, Alexandra spends time mentoring young offenders and startup enthusiasts. Why? Because she believes in carving out leadership voices that don’t just echo in boardrooms but resonate in communities.

She's a bit of a storyteller too. From stages worldwide, she chats about forging genuine relationships, piecing together memorable brands, and crafting talks that keep audiences leaning in. And if you're looking for some of her thoughts on paper, check out places like Fortune Magazine, Newsweek, and Financial Adviser.

Names like Ogilvy, Xero, and Selfridges Group trust her insights to develop their leaders and build trusted voices in their industry.