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In this session Samantha Mitcham will be taking a deeper dive into the highs and lows of bookkeeping in the modern day. After the success of the previous bookkeeping webinar we felt there were some pages unturned and here we will be revisiting the subjects which were raised in the Q&A.

The following topics will be covered during this session:

  • The Beauty of Proactive Bookkeeping
  • Common Mistakes in Bookkeeping
  • Checklists and Reconciliations
  • Let’s Talk About Software
  • Bookkeepers are the Backbone

Whether you are a highly experienced bookkeeper looking for a refresher or new to the field, this webinar will provide valuable insights on how to overcome some of the bookkeeping battles we face in modern, tech-driven, times.

Course Level: Foundation

CPD Course Speaker

SJCM Accountancy

Sam Mitcham

Samantha formed SJCM Accountancy in 2019 having spent over 13 years employed in practice.

As an AAT licensed accountant, she is now focusing on helping small business owners have a better understanding of their numbers, be ahead of compliance and perform at their best.

Samantha uses technology as much of that as the next ‘modern’ accountant, but also aims to bring back the personal touch to accountancy and really show her clients that she cares, not just about their finances but about them as people.