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So, what’s included in the AML Resource Pack


1. AML Firm Action Plan 2023 - Word Doc 

This template outlines the Actions your Firm should take to ensure Annual AML Compliance.  


2. AML CDD Builder 2023 - Excel

This Customer Due Diligence Builder enables you to complete, document and evidence that you have carried out the required customer due diligence procedures in accordance with the 2017 Regulations. 


3. AML Detailed Client List Risk Assessment 2023 - Excel 

This template enables you to provide an overview of your clients, the sector that they operate in, the risk associated with that client and the level of customer due diligence carried out. It can also be used as an ongoing CDD management tool. 


4. AML Enhanced Customer Due Diligence Cyclical Review Template 2023 - Word Doc 

This template outlines the types of monitoring actions you should take when carrying out Enhanced Customer Due Diligence. 


5. AML Bi-Monthly Awareness Email Campaign 2023 - Word Doc 

This template gives you an idea of how you can easily implement an AML Bi-Monthly Awareness campaign. 

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